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Prince of Tennis - j_jstn - Wattpad

The Prince of Tennis: D'Grass Court Queen. 67.5K 1.5K 61. Ryuki Echizen. A 14 yrs. old tennis pro who's father is a Legend tennis player named Nanjirou Echizen. Hunted by her dark past, she decided to leave the world under the spotlight to live like a normal middle schooler.

prince of tennis - bigtimereader - Wattpad

1K 52 1. A mysterious light haired boy with Heterochromia eyes have entered Tokyo, Japan from America. He doesn't appear to be a foreigner, but he has caught many tennis player's attention. His name was Kiyoshi Seijimoto, a five time nationals champion, many people know him as "The Sin of Tennis".

Prince of Tennis - LynniexX3 - Wattpad

Green Flames (Prince of Tennis Fan Fiction) 102K 2.7K 27. At the culture festival, the mysterious girl Shin shows up. In a tennis booth, she shows her abilities in tennis, but just after that, she disappears. But for some reason, the sight of her eyes remains in their memories.

PRINCE OF TENNIS - Aliza-chan - Wattpad

Blood Tennis (A Prince of Tennis Fanfiction) 15K 399 7. Back in America Ryoma gets caught up in a dangerous type of street tennis called "Blood Tennis". When his parents find out they decide to move the family to Japan in order to split Ryoma from that scene entirely and give him a "fresh start".

prince of tennis - kikyo103 - Wattpad

Tennis no Ojou-sama: A Prince of Tennis Fan Fiction 631K 21.6K 155 Totally alike to the point that they hate each other, Echizen Ryoma and Fujioka Ryouko became rivals at a very early age.

prince of tennis - jc00027 - Wattpad

Prince of Tennis: Ryoma's Mysterious Sister, Echizen Ryoka! 179K 4.6K 33 (CURRENTLY ON HIATUS) Echizen Ryoma is a definitely a mysterious boy, but not many would have predicted this!

Prince Of Tennis Stories

Comedy Drama. Hello everyone~~ I hope everyone like the stories I have written so far. This time, the story is about Prince of Tennis. The main protagonist will, of course, be Seigaku's Genius, Fuji Shusuke. All of the characters inside, belong to the original author of Prince of Tennis, Takeshi Konomi Se...

Prince of Tennis and Kuroko no Basuke/黒子のバスケ Crossover ...

Prince of Tennis and Kuroko no Basuke/黒子のバスケ crossover fanfiction archive with over 20 stories. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Prince of Tennis and Kuroko no Basuke/黒子のバスケ universe.


Harry Potter crossover CThe Prince of Tennis ; Harry's new life. After the final battle just when Harry thought he could be free he was hit with a nasty dark curse that de-age him in single night now in a body that looked like he was a 9 year old Harry was forse to revalute his uption's.