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Basketball.java · GitHub

Basketball game = new Basketball (); while (game. isRunning()) {game. progressGameLoop();} game. cleanUp(); System. out. println(" GG GAME OVER ");} public void progressGameLoop {int intro = text. nextInt(4); if (intro == 1) {System. out. println(" You're dribbling up the lane, what do you do? ");} if (intro == 2) {System. out. println(" You get passed the ball what do you do? ");}

Simple Basketball Game using JavaScript with Free Source Code ...

The Simple Basketball Game was built using basic JavaScript coding techniques that provide some simple coding methods that can be easily understand. Simple Basketball Game using JavaScript with Free Source Code Features: Simple GUI. The project contains simple UI such text and images. Basic Controls

Code.org - Choose your team and make a basketball game

Code.org - Choose your team and make a basketball game. Rotate your device. Turn off orientation lock in device settings. 0. Reset. Finish. Instructions. Attach a block to the "when left arrow" block and press "Run". Move the hand using the left arrow to reach the finish target.

BasketBall.java - import java.util.Random import java.util ...

import java.util.Random; // Needed for the Random class import java.util.Scanner; /** This program simulates a one-on-one basketball game. The random() function will generate a random number from 0 to 3 representing 4 kinds of shots, 0 for Air Ball, 1 for Free Throw Made 2 for 2 Points!, 3 for 3 Pointer!

GitHub - lamesjim/Canvas-Basketball-Game: HTML/Javascript ...

Canvas-Basketball-Game. HTML/Javascript basketball game using Canvas API. Motivation. This was my first project after 5 weeks of attending the Galvanize full-stack web development program. Still new to coding at the time, I wanted to challenge myself and try building something that wasn't like the content-based web pages we had been studying.

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All Star Simulator allows you to create fantasy teams of NBA players from the present and past, and find out their performaance in a simulated game. Built using Java 8, by Manav Gagvani and Dev Kodre. csv-files drop python3 java-8 season score nba-stats players object-oriented-programming basketball-stats star-simulator. Updated on Jun 1.

Basketball - Hour of Code | Codesters Curriculum

I'M FINISHED WITH HOUR OF CODE! This is an example of the basketball game that you will make today! Click Run to start the game. Use the left arrow key and down arrow key to set-up your shot. Use the space bar to shoot the ball. Click Run to play again. After you play the game, click Submit and Next to build it yourself! Submitted! stage.set_background ("halfcourt") sprite = codesters.Sprite ("player4") sprite.go_to (215, -175) net = codesters.Sprite ("basketballnet") net.go_to (215, 175) ...

Code.org - Choose your team and make a basketball game #2

Instructions. Attach a block to the "when right arrow" and "when left arrow" blocks. Move the hand to reach both finish targets. Blocks. Show Toolbox. Show Code. Start Over. Version History. Workspace.

java - How do I store game scores including team names for a ...

I'm trying to store game scores including the team names and date when it was stored from my basketball game counter app when clicking a save button. Here is the Java code: package com.example.andr...

Basketball - Hour of Code 2019 | Codesters Curriculum

For your Hour of Code project, you'll learn the basics of coding in Python to create your own version of a basketball arcade game. This activity is an example of what your program will look like by the end of today's lesson! Learning Objectives: Use a background. Create a sprite. Use actions make your sprite move.